We are cheaper by at least 20% From the rest!

Our Projectors: Will let you project your media on a wall or screen. Connect a tablet, laptop, projector or a cable box.

Our Laptops: Are well equipped to let you work, create, and enjoy multimedia. They all come with office suite, video player, DVD player, music player, wireless internet capability and card reader

Our Tablets: Are windows 10 pre installed and have wireless internet, bluetooth, and can play your media or let you view your documents.

Our Screens: Will work with our projectors to let you watch your movies or presentations on a 85" white screen. It only takes a minute to set it up, and we will show you how when you pick it up!

Our Speakers: Are strong enough to let 200 people hear a clear and vivid sound from your movies or presentation. They contain 2 satellites and one sub. Connect it to your laptop, cable or DVD for an amazing sound.

Our Stands: Will allow you to put the satellite speakers higher for a better sound experience.

We have much more: Cables, Adapters, Pa Systems and even a great Piano.


Local to SoCal

Unlike some places we are here and our equipment is here, ready to serve you

Great Products

Cross-screen, viewer-centric video intelligence for every second of every stream.

Great Prices

Rentals start from $19, a weekly rent starts from $95. Great prices on all our technology systems.

Better Together

Take a combination of products for a complete rental solution and a better value.